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FGI-Tech, a diversified
electrical supplier and manufacturer, provides world class AC motor products - medium voltage drives and explosion-proof AC inverter,
advanced power distribution systems and power
quality solutions. FGI-Tech is committed to [ innovating energy technology to make broad contributions to the
world in the fields of industry automation and energy power".

The FGI-Tech's medium voltage variable
frequency drives, feature a unique technology that allows FGI-Tech to offer a
simple, flexible and reliable drive solution. Building on many years of
experience, FGI-Tech has demonstrated capability as innovator with an
imaginative approach to the design and development of high performance
electric power systems, enabling greater affordability, efficiency and

FGI-Tech's BPJV series mining
explosion-proof and intrinsically safe AC inverter as one of the high-tech
products which combine digital frequency speed regulation technology and
related cooling technology. It is widely used in coal mine with coal
dust, gas and other explosive dangerous environment, dragging speed governing
operation of motor to achieve soft start and soft stop, stepless speed
regulation and other functions when the motor is overloaded.

FGI-Tech's distribution transformers are
manufactured using the highest quality materials, employing the most modern and
reliable manufacturing practices. These Transformers are used for indoor or
outdoor applications and can be provided with off-load and on-load tap

FGI-Tech's power quality products
consist of static var generators (STATCOM). SVG is the best solution in the
reactive power control field at present and has unparalleled advantages. It makes
energy more efficient by stepless power factor correction. It is widely
used in the application of Renewable power generation, Electrical welding
systems, Industrial production machines and so on.

At FGI-Tech we believe in building
strong relationships, helping our customers through the complete product life
cycle, from selection and electrical system design through to commissioning assistance
and after sales service and support. FGI-Tech supports electricity
infrastructure with proven technologies to ensure that energy can be supplied
in a stable, reliable, and optimal manner.

With standard
controls, critical parts, packaged assemblies, and electrical/electronic
components are stocked and ready to ship from FGI-Tech.

FGI-Tech aims to pursue innovation in
energy and environment technology and to continue creating high-value-added,
environmentally friendly products and systems that allow energy to be used
stably and with maximum efficiency.

We hope that you are always holding FGI-Tech
to high standards.
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